Hope is Given to those in Need

Faith in humanity is restored when stories like this reach the inbox. The sixth annual Starlight Dinner Dance to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will be held this Friday March 8th at The Pontelandolfo Club in Waterbury, CT.

Since opening it’s doors back in 1962, the hospital has an average of 260 patients passing through it’s doors each day, which averages out to a total of 5,700 patients annualy. An impressive number, but what’s even more impressive is the amount of work they do. They continue to help treat and prevent catastrophic diseases in children. It goes without saying, but taking care of children is of upmost importance. After all, these are the leaders of tomorrow. If we don’t take care of them, who will? Who will give our children the strength and hope they need to move on? It’s people like you and I who have to come together to help those who can’t necessarily help themselves.

This fantastic elegant event will feature some familiar faces as Chaz and AJ from 99.1 WPLR will be emceeing while guests enjoy cocktails, a silent auction, a five course dinner, and of course a lot of dancing. A world of fun for all while giving children suffering a world of hope, which is just one of the most important ingredients needed in recovery.



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