A lifetime's exploration

Geysir, geyser, water, geothermal, Iceland

Wandering the geyser area of Geysir in the Southwest of Iceland is like walking across another world. Steam wisps up from hot pools of perfect turquoise water, puddles bubble away heated by the Earth’s core and huge vents of H20 blast out of the ground every few minutes.

Waiting for the Strokkur geyser to blow feels like being a kid again; the anticipation of seeing something so unusual, the excitement of watching the huge bubble swell up from the ground and then shoot 20ft into the sky is exhilarating, and I let out a big cheer and laugh with all the other young-at-heart spectators as the water is sucked back into the seemingly bottomless hole.

We stood and watched it go a couple of times, roughly blasting off every three to five minutes, and then the geyser went up another three times all at once! It was spectacular and unexpected…

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