Adulting Done Right, Once You Figure Out How to Get Out of Bed.

Ah, mornings.

You either love them, or you hate them. As you become a little older, you realize that, well, you just have to love them. You’re not in high school or college anymore and it’s time to adapt to a routine to wake up and get your ass to work so you could afford to have that next martini at happy hour.

As I’ve turned thirty, I have begun to realize those facts. However, I still hate mornings, and you still can’t talk to me before my first sip of espresso. (Why does coffee cost so much money? Oh my goodness, yet another reason I have to love mornings so I could go collect a pay check!)

Lately, I’ve been putting together a plan of attack to love mornings. In bed by ten each night, up by seven in the morning. Grab a coffee, hit the walking trail to get that heart beat going for the day, and back to my bungalow to unwind for a bit before getting ready for the day.

Sounds like a nice plan, right?

Then you factor in the additional fifteen minutes of anti-aging treatments, cooking a beneficial meal to start the day which is something that does not taste like a pop-tart, and to top it off some meditation before you head out the door to work with the public.

Boy, mornings sound exhausting, don’t they? Can’t I just work from my bed with a mimosa?

Oh yeah, that’s right. A mimosa cost money to make. Never mind.

I’m slowly getting into this new routine of mine. It’s been a process, but something you didn’t read in there was screen time. Less than a year ago, I would have said my routine involved coffee and Facebook. Now, I’ve killed screen time in the morning.

Why? Well, I have come to realize in my path to less technology use that making time for yourself is important, and the mornings are especially a good time to be with just yourself. There’s so much crazy in the world, it can wait until I’m done with my bacon, eggs, and yoga.

Not necessarily in that order. Ever.


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