Stop Copying Everyone! Discover Your Happy in Life One Memory at a Time.

What in our lives makes us all tick?

That was a question positioned to me recently. I didn’t exactly know how to explain it. Would you?

Let me first begin by saying, there is something in each of us that gets us up and out of bed in the morning. No, it’s not your boss yelling at you to get to work.

Okay, maybe right now it is. You shouldn’t ignore them.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could become your own boss? You could yell at yourself for waking up too damn early!

I’ve recently been working on a number of things to help me realize just what I’m passionate about. What drives me? Surprisingly, it’s not just my car on that commute to work in the morning. The people behind me that honk and flip me off occasionally certain don’t drive me to do anything I’d like to do.


I’ve outlined my happiest of moments in life. A lot of them were outdoor based. Skiing in the snow covered mountains, hiking for hours just hoping to get somewhat lost but not lost enough so I couldn’t eat a pasta and some cannolis for dinner, and most importantly, writing to tell all about my journeys in hopes that someone would read it.

Judging by my following and statistics, I’m pretty sure you’re all reading them. Thank goodness I’m not boring.

I’ve been revising my five year plan in my portfolio to keep up with my passions. Your five year plan, your goals and dreams in life, should not be what makes society happy. It should be what makes you happy, deep down inside.

The things that make you tick. Discover them now before you get caught in the trap that I like to call; The Fishbowl of Life. Where everyone watches what everyone else is doing just so they can keep up with one another.

Don’t be part of the the school of fish. Go discover your own path.


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