Banking Made Simple, by Simple! Get to Love Your Bank.

Don’t you wish everything in the world was simple?

Well, thanks to Simple Bank, it can be! Okay, almost. At least the banking portion of your life can be simplified.

Recently, I decided to switch banks. When I did, I decided to stay clear of those large banks! Haven’t you heard the word on the street about Wells Fargo? I thought honesty was always the best policy? Someone should tell the CEO that one. While they are at it, they should communicate to the big banks that we no longer want to help contribute to their wealth by being just another number.

Eight accounts per household? Serriously, Wells Fargo? Tell my grandparents about that one. You would have been lucky enough to get what they were hiding in their beds for just one account.

Big banks make me mad. Can you tell?

With Simple, I am free and clear to manage my own money how I want, and without any strings attatched and, oh my goodness, no fees!

You see, Simple works like this; you have money in the account and then you start creating these little things called goals. Now, goals could be monthly bills, paying down debt, or helping to finance an Italian wedding in the heart of the Italian wine country!

Oh. Wait. That’s my dream. Sorry.

Carrying on.

Simple works by budgeting for what you need. You set the goals up, and Simple does the calculations for you. Let’s say, you need to save $40 and you need it in 20 days. Well, Simple will begin deducting about $2 a day from your account and place it into that goal for you. On the 20th day, you can now deduct what was saved up for you.

Simple, isn’t it? You saved without even knowing you saved. Nice!

Don’t worry. If you are in a pinch though and you need that money that you saved back, you can deduct the money from your goal and it will be instantly available. Honestly though, why would you do that? Just live within your means and enjoy life without spending blindly.

At least, I hope you haven’t been spending blindly. I’m watching you.

So, there you have it. It’s Simple, well simply put. The best little bank that I’m happy to call my new friend, and speaking of, you’ll really love their customer service. You could instant message your new banking friends and get a quick response.

Finally, gone are those dreaded calls to the bank asking me to press “1” for English.

To learn more, or to join, visit: https://www.simple.com/friends/FKRKNKB


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