Killington Resort Opens for the Season.

As the colors of Autumn fade, as does the memories of a fun festive season here in New England, so too does the warm Indian summer days as we plunge into a more traditional weather pattern of early winter.

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

Sun setting earlier. Trees reduced to sticks. Temperatures reaching a maximum of forty degrees.

There are those of us, however, that see all this in a different light; screw the seasonal depression. It’s time to hit the slopes!

Thankfully, here in New England, we have our old faithful Killington Resort. Killington is located in the green mountains of Vermont and sits at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level. Snow in October is no stranger, and once the first snow falls, Killington is ready to turn on the snow guns and blast the trails with a sea of the white stuff.

As a skier, the anticipation builds up every October. When will the first day be? How long must we wait? How the hell do I get my skis waxed fast enough so I can floor it up to the mountain once they open?

I mean, they’re important questions. More important than Hillary Clintons email scandal.

Winter as a skier is like summer for a surfer. Those cold blustery days with blue skies? We like to call them bluebird days as we’re gliding down the mountain getting our goggle tans on. After that, comes apres ski. A time to mingle with fellow skiers with a couple of hot alcoholic beverages while enjoying some good music and recalling the days events. Sliding on your bum is all part of the fun!

So, a toast. Our mountain is calling us home for the season, and it’s time to make our pilgrimage back. There’s no place else like Killington Resort to just make winter feel right, and each year, Killington out performs no matter the weather pattern.

See you on the slopes, fellow skiers and riders. Killington Resort opens Tuesday AM for season pass holders, and Wednesday AM for the general public. I will be making my pilgrimage back later this week and fully anticipate a good start to the season. My hiking legs are ready. In order to ski the terrain, you must take the gondola up and then take a short hike across a wooden staircase to what’s called the Northridge area.

Any hike to ski snow in October is worth it. It’s been a long summer.

Off to the races.




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