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Take a Step Back in Time at The Vermont Country Store.


Have you ever wanted to just rewind the time? You know. Relive a time that was prior to technology and a life of simplicity?

There’s a place where you can do just that. A place where time itself has stood as still as the products it holds.

The Vermont Country Store is a Mecca for all things yesteryear. This quintessential yet fun shopping experience will have you putting your phone down while you’re chewing down on homemade fudge and playing with wooden children’s toys or enjoying a game of chess. This is no ordinary country store. This is thee country store.

As you arrive, you instantly notice it’s New England charm. A gravel parking lot greets you as you hop of out of your car and make your way into what feels like an old barn, dressed to the nines in the plants of the season and strutted with real wooden rocking chairs allowing you to catch your breath before this place leaves you breathless inside, and it will. Making your way in, you instantly feel the nostalgia. Glass jars full of candy hit you like you’re at an old time general store. Samples of homemade fudge leave the senses to do one thing; eat them.


Yes, the Vermont Country Store has its way with comfort food. Throughout your shopping experience, you’ll notice there are all sorts of samples. Pumpkin cheesecake dip to top a grahamcracker? Not before you indulge in the fresh selection of Vermont cheeses.


This place is dangerous.

It’s a frequent stop of mine up to my vacation home in nearby Killington. Each time I seem to get reacquainted with the notion that life at a slower pace was just right. There’s just something about the simple life that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Maybe it’s the food that they’ve been putting in my belly as I shop the collection of old fashioned body lotions and shampoos, or old time quilts like grandma used to make. Then again, maybe it’s the hot apple cider that’s been brewed to perfection.

Whatever the case, the Vermont Country Store has perfected a charm of an era gone by. Too often today, we are so consumed in modern conveniences with our heads in our phones that we haven’t stopped to realize the one important thing that matters the most; living a life that’s a little less manufactured, and one that is as simple as it is enjoyable.

That Vermont country air will also teach you something. Stick around long enough, and you may catch yourself never wanting to leave.


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