Thanksgiving is for Laughter and Love.

“Get the turkey! Shoot, I forgot the mashed potatoes. I’ve got wine! What? No vodka?! Shoot!”

Ah, the holidays. We’re all scrambling to get everything just so, scratching off our shopping list item by item only to come home and realize, yes, there’s still more we need. There’s always more that we need!

This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and I too am scrambling. The house is finally in order, decked to the halls in holiday cheer. It only took a month to get it right, along with numerous trips to Pottery Barn and Target. I think the cashiers know me quite well. Does that mean I owe them stuffing?

I hope not. I didn’t plan for that!

The food is ordered from a local venue. I won’t spill the surprise from where, but it’s sure to delight. I can smell the turkey in my house already. Then again, that could be one of the many scented air fresheners I purchased recently thanks to those Bath & Body Works coupons that flood my email.

In years past, my Thanksgiving was always different. In the years of my youth, Thanksgiving would be hosted by my aunt and uncle in their turn of the century Connecticut home. Always a large gathering of family surrounded by a great deal of food and laughter. In recent years, my mother and I would have Thanksgiving at my timeshare to the north complete with a studded Thanksgiving dinner with strangers which made me all the more humble while networking along while diving into the freshest of food straight from local farms. My Thanksgiving has never been consistent, but what has been is my love for my family, friends, and the holidays.

I’m excited to kick off the season, but most importantly to spend time with loved ones and friends as we embark on yet another cherished holiday season together.

Just don’t forget the vodka.

Wishing you all the very best this Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

-Mike Valletta



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