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Christmas in New York City.

What’s better than being in the city during the holidays?

I can’t think of much. The twinkle of the lights. The store windows decked to the nines in holiday cheer. The magic of Rockefeller Center lighting up the city with the best Christmas tree in the world, while people discover the warmth of love while proposing right along side of it.

New York City comes alive unlike any other place in the world at Christmas.

I took the opportunity to head down this past weekend with a few friends and indulge in a little holiday cheer myself. The streets were bustling with yuletide as  SantaCon was taking place, filling the streets with hundreds of Santa’s from all around the northeast, and quite possibly the world.

Our first stop was Grand Central. My favorite train station as we came in from New Haven. Always so full of life, Grand Central Station is where most Christmas journeys in the city begin. Decked out with wreaths and garland, it’s not the decor that makes it so holly jolly, but the people who who fill the main concourse with vibrancy.


From Grand Central, we headed toward Rockefeller Center where we were graced by crowds of people just waiting to catch a glimpse of one of the tallest Christmas trees in America. The lights so bright, it’s as if it was casting a glow on the crowds below.

New York sometimes gets a bad rap. For me, it’s the city I’ve come to know and love over the years. Being within a two hour commute to the city all my life, going “downtown” was always just a way to escape a day from the suburbs that is Connecticut. Our lives are generally pretty quiet here, but in the city, life just becomes a little less laid back and a lot more chock full of attitude and charisma, especially during the festive holiday season that will be certain to put a smile on your face.


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