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Christmas Day Skiing at Jiminy Peak.


Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.

The lights. The music. The seasonal drinks.


It’s really a great start to a season that is otherwise known as one of the most depressing in the northeast. Luckily, many years ago I have found a way to beat the seasonal depression that affects so many of us. Perhaps it’s more depressing on my wallet.

When I was little, I was introduced to skiing, and have been at it ever since. It is by far the very sport that I live for, and am known for as I continue to hold down a season pass at Killington Resort in Vermont for now my 13th year.

The sport itself is not cheap, and is known to many as a very expensive hobby. The perceived image of the sport is that it’s full of rich white people that make annual pilgrimages to Aspen. (I really hate that image.) These days, the sport attracts everyone from all walks of life, and it’s even more so visible on Christmas Day as many flock to resorts to spend with family while at the same time, bonding over a sport that brings abundant joy.

This Christmas, I headed up to my timeshare at Jiminy Peak in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. She loves it every time we go up, so I couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift. My one bedroom condo at the resort has always been good enough for me. Mother gets the bedroom, and I the sleeper sofa in front of the fireplace. Maybe next year I’ll upgrade to the two bedroom.


On Christmas morning, we awoke to exchange gifts which is always humbling. Neither of us ever ask for much. We both rather enjoy our time experiencing life traveling. It is by far the most rewarding gift of all.

Once gift giving was done, we then head over to the mountain to grab brunch. This year, we both awoke later so we missed out on breakfast. We’ll blame the new Mario Run game for the iPhone that kept us up late. Breakfast or no breakfast, the food and hospitality of a resort on Christmas Day is always incredible. The food is always homemade, and the friendly staff just knows how to ensure an overall good experience.

As temperatures started to plummet into the twenties mid afternoon, so too did the Christmas Day crowds from the mountain. It’s my cue to ski. I learned so long ago to never ski Christmas morning, night skiing is a more attractive option, especially since you’re able to catch the stunning sunsets. This is what skiing is all about. Taking in the beauty of the world we live in all four seasons. Many people would be content with just hiking the mountains in the summer and callling it a day. Not us skiers. We yearn all summer long to take in those snow capped mountains while shredding through the snow that is on ours.

Long ski runs. Hot chocolate by the fireplace. Warm souls mingling on a holiday. This is what Christmas is truly all about.

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