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The Year of You.

What a kickoff to the new year it has been.

My New Years eve was spent at my second home base of Killington Resort Vermont, a widely popular destination for many of us in the northeast who enjoy the adrenaline of some downhill action at the beast of a ski resort that it is, spreading its wings over six mountain summits. Its not named the Beast of the East for nothing.


Killington has been delighting me since I was a kid growing up, and continues to right through to today. No two days are ever alike, and through New Years eve weekend, that rang especially true as we made our way over to Pico Mountain, the sister mountain of Killington. I rarely ski Pico, but it is known as the little sister and is often less crowded during the holiday season. Awaiting our arrival were soft clouds of powder and plenty of untouched moguls to keep the knees in check.

There is no doubt that they felt in check.

After a few good days on the mountain, I decided to take my adventures even further northbound where I met up with a few friends who were staying at their cabin up north. A gorgeous, yet humble, location that rang back memories of my own childhood in a cabin in South Newfane, Vermont where we vacationed without electricity or running water.

Can you imagine what todays kids would think of that?

Yeah, they would have thought I needed a mental evaluation.

While at the cabin with friends, we decided to have some fun and play with snowmobiles. Yes, I Mike Valletta, the eternal lover of winter that I am, have never ridden a snowmobile. Can you imagine? My adrenaline was through the roof. I was on absolute cloud nine as I rode on the back of one. One of my resolutions for 2017 was to escape my comfort zone and try new things.


This was very new!

I didn’t fall off once. Surprised, aren’t you? Maybe thats because I was holding on for dear life as we drove nearly sixty miles per hour. I didn’t have time to fall off. My hands were clenched.

As I continue to dive into 2017, I continue to dive into things I have not done in my life yet. My first thirty years were fantastic, and the next thirty are about to get even better as I continue to draw out a roadmap for my life and highlight a bucket list of sorts of things I want to see and do as well as what I wish to accomplish.

One of those dreams have become a reality already as I am proud to have accepted a job offer with my former employer, Walmart Stores Inc, for an opportunity that involves travel while pairing it with my passions of helping people to realize their true potentials. I’m incredibly humbled as well as excited for the opportunity to get back into the workforce and look forward to the work ahead. I head out in two weeks for training and will be on the road soon there after, and yes, you guessed it, this blog will continue to expand along the way.

For anyone who has not made a resolution or some kind of roadmap for 2017, I encourage you to take a few moments out of your day and jot down exactly what you want to experience this year. What is it that you want to achieve? What is going to make you the happiest damn person in 2017? Write these down now and get working at them! You’re not going to stay young forever, and if you continue to stay in your comfort zone, you’re only going to keep on telling yourself how you wish you could do things.

Stop wishing. Start planning. Start doing.

This life isn’t going to wait around for you, so you better do something about it.

After a rocky year that 2016 was, I envision 2017 being a year of where we focus more on ourselves. Does it seem selfish? Absolutely. I question, however, if we can’t stop to take some time to love ourselves, how will we ever truly love others? Everything starts with the self, and its time to take back what was perhaps lost to the negativity in 2016.

Time to conquer 2017.



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