The Year of You: On Friendships and Your Past.

When we focus on our past, does it bring us forward into our future?

This is sometimes a pondering question. We should absolutely never forget our past or where we came from, but should we rely on it to bring us through the uncertain obstacles of our future simply because we have attached a stigma of comfort to it?

I have always looked deep into this question as I choose who to bring with me into the continuing phases of my life. There are some who will continue their journey by not growing with you, rather becoming complacent into who they are and what they do which may not necessarily help you grow as an individual. The concept of growing helps you to move forward with your life by evolving into what you want to become, and you cannot evolve if your past still represents the old you, a challenge that many of us cannot simply come to terms with.

Why is that?

Well, lets focus on the human element for a second. We, as humans, despise change. We relish in the comfort of what we know and enjoy steady habits that are sometimes incredibly hard to break. So, how do we break them?

You pull it apart.

Sounds simple enough, right? Learning to let go of the past and embracing for whats ahead is all a matter of perspective and how it sounds in your head. Say for instance, you are being forced to move due to some unforeseen circumstance. Instead of saying, “I have to move!” why don’t we try saying “I get to move!”. See that? A little change of phrasing can go along way and can help you to get on with the hurdles that you face while you work to become your best self.

The past has to be left behind if it is not willing to nurture your future. Think about the friends that you had at one stage in your life. Are they all with you now? Perhaps, but a majority of us will phase some friends out or maintain a distance with them as they aren’t looked as to helping us advance. After all, if you’re looking to become successful, you can’t spend your time waddling around with someone who still wants to piggy back off of their parents in their thirties and still living the life of ramen noodles. Trust me on this one. You will mirror that friend, and it will be a challenge to achieve goals that you may have as you are now becoming complacent in the same strategy methods.

As we carry onward into 2017, lets take a closer look at those that we surround ourselves with. If we are the average of the five people that we hang around with, do we need to change something thats preventing us from achieving our life goals?


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