The Year of You: Stop Trying to Live Up to Others Expectations

Have you seen the latest marketing campaigns lately? Odds are, you have seen every single marketing campaign that is on the planet. Wear this. Buy that. You’ll look great in that jacket, until next week when it’s out of style!

Oh, marketing.

Why are we, as humans, so drawn to keeping up with appearances of others, or better yet, why are we so drawn to impressing people that we don’t like?

In 2017, I absolutely believe its time to work on an expectation diet.

How could we possibly continue moving our lives forward, if we continue to try to live everyone else’s life? Is this real life? Why are we not ourselves? What do we have to do to finally be at peace with who we are so we can truly love our inner core?

I think we will find the answers in a diet that steers clear of people and things that don’t really attract us or add any value to our lives overall. Is that fancy new jacket thats being labeled as the hottest jacket of the year truly going to add value to your life, or is it just going to make you feel good simply because everyone else will be wearing the same thing so now you get to wear it out to impress people that you don’t really like anyways.

See? Our society is absolutely trapped in a bubble of consumption that isn’t neccesarily making us happy nor is it truly helping us to find out who we truly are. Isn’t it time to change all that?

It’s time to make 2017 more about you, and less about the world of people that we can care less about. We need to focus on our core, and if we aren’t doing that, we aren’t truly satisfied with ourselves and only pretending to be.

So, what do we do about this?

The answer is pretty simple. Take some time to reflect on where you are in your life and what is in it. Take a deep breath, stand around in your home and look at all the things that you have collected. Are you truly satisfied or is something missing. I’m going to guess that a good majority of you will continue to think something is missing and you have the strong desire to add more. STOP. There is no need to add more to your life. What you need to do is add the right things to your life, things that you want, not what others expect you to have.

Live up to your own expectations, fill life with the things that you want.

We can’t get to having the best life possible if we continue to fill it with things that add value to other peoples lives. Make the change now.



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