Taste buds explode on a dairy farm

It has been quite the start of the summer here in New England!

With temperatures rising into the nineties, there is no doubt that we have been in the midst of a heat wave. The funny part? It’s not even the official start of summer yet! September 21st, for those of you keeping tabs at home is the June solstice.

Theres a number of things I enjoy doing while trying to beat the heat. Wether it’s lounging by my pool, escaping to a nearby lake or waterfall, or visiting a dairy farm….wait, a dairy farm? When you think of a dairy farm, you’re probably envisioning cow manure sizzling in the heat providing an unwelcome stench.

Au contraire!

Some dairy farms are just the opposite. In fact, you wouldn’t catch me within ten square miles of those kinds of farms on a hot summer day.

The best dairy farms are the ones that provide farm fresh ice cream that is so undeniably good, you’ll want seconds. I’m no stranger to trying to find these kinds of places while on the road. You not only get a wicked good bite of ice cream, you’re helping to support local farmers. IMG_2794

What a win!

I recently stumbled upon this cool dairy farm a short drive from where I’m staying in Massachusetts. Nestled south of Boston and near Cape Cod, Crescent Ridge is a gem of a find if you’re looking to quench your tastebuds. With ice cream this delicious, and so many flavors, it’s no wonder their parking lot looks like a football field.

Don’t forget to visit the goats!

Yes, you are on a farm. While enjoying that ice cream, don’t forget to stop to say hello to the billy goats that roam the property behind a secure fence so they won’t actually roam around you to steal your ice cream. IMG_2791.JPG


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