The Fluffernutter is the sandwich of New England

Sur La Table

In an age where we are becoming more and more defined by our food choices, it’s nice to know that while the menus continue to grow, we could always rely on those original comfort foods to be there for us.

In New England, there’s only one.

The fluffernutter is an age old sandwich here in the eastern states that many outside of New England have just never heard of. Why, all you have to do is drive to New York and stop off somewhere and ask for one and you’ll get a question of what desert are you trying to order.

It’s so simple, a kid can make it. 

UnknownGrowing up, I was hooked on this sandwich. So hooked in fact, that I would rush home to make them after school as I labeled it brain food while focusing on my studies, or maybe some afternoon cartoons. While I’m not necessarily sure if it was the perfect brain food, I do know that I went on later in life to pursue a masters degree, so I guess I turned out pretty fine.

So, how do you make one?

Well, you take two slices of bread, spread creamy peanut butter on one side followed by gooey marshmallow fluff on the other, slap them together and bam! There you have it. There is your fluffernutter.

Oh, but I didn’t eat it like that.


Toasting a fluffernutter is the best part. The warm bread just makes this sandwich absolutely melt in your mouth. It’s the perfect sandwich to have for an afternoon pick me up.

Don’t you just feel like you should have one now?

Learn more about it’s steep history by clicking here.


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