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Time to rethink modern dating

In these modern days of ours, it is harder than ever at getting a shot of love that just seems to fit like a glove on your hand. I mean, have you seen the amount of apps that are out there? One could get lost down a rabbit hole looking for love on a rainy day.… Continue reading Time to rethink modern dating

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Tips on how to improve your Monday morning routine

There's just no question that Monday mornings are rough. You have an alarm clock that's going off waking you up out of the slumber of your life as you're recovering from a long weekend and suddenly you find yourself stumbling around the kitchen chugging cups of coffee with one eye open. Guilty. There is a way to… Continue reading Tips on how to improve your Monday morning routine

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Yoga, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is said that in order to find peace in life, you must find yourself first. The ability to find yourself in todays world is both challenging and daunting. Challenging, because we can't find the time to even find ourselves as we have become so consumed with our jobs and technology and daunting because, well,… Continue reading Yoga, and the pursuit of happiness.