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An English garden in an American countryside

One of the many things that I love the most about traveling is the ability to get in touch with the natural world. On the road, there are a variety of ways to do just that. Most recently, I explored a secret garden in the famed and fortuned Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. Nothing says nature… Continue reading An English garden in an American countryside

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In a Dry New England Winter, Killington Shines.

It's no secret that this winter has been a dud here in New England. The lack of snow has caused many local skiers and snowboarders to flock west thanks to this years El Niño. One resort, however, has found a way to make the best of a bad situation. Killington Resort, in breathtaking Killington, VT… Continue reading In a Dry New England Winter, Killington Shines.

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Why You’ll Go Crazy for Being Lazy at Lazy Frog’s

This morning I was making my way back down to Litchfield County after spending the evening skiing in the Berkshires when I felt my stomach rumble. It had occurred to me that I completely skipped out on breakfast. Not good! For a little guy, I require large amounts of food to keep me satisfied. To… Continue reading Why You’ll Go Crazy for Being Lazy at Lazy Frog’s

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Day Two at The Dew Tour

I woke up around 6AM this morning, and thank god I did. We got plenty of snow last night! A forecast of three inches was predicted for the area, but for Killington, three inches can easily mean a lot more! Today was the day I planned on trying on my Pantech Element on the slopes,… Continue reading Day Two at The Dew Tour

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Get Pumped! Dew Tour Heads to New England

If you're a winter sports junkie like I am, your adrenaline is probably already fired up over the fact that The Dew Tour will be at Killington Resort in nearby Killington, VT from January 19th to the 22nd. The event features the top winter athletes in the world all competing for a cool $1.5 million… Continue reading Get Pumped! Dew Tour Heads to New England

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Eggnog Like it Used to Taste

Those are the exact words as it's read on the bottle of eggnog I just picked up from Arethusa Farm Dairy in Bantam. It's not your everyday eggnog. Forget everything that you have ever tasted before and take a taste of times forgotten. Consider it a trip back to yesteryear, a bit of Christmas past… Continue reading Eggnog Like it Used to Taste

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Joe Kopler Keeps Childhood Imaginations Alive

The wind whips a harmony of music as it floats through the evening skies. A dark escapade of howls come crawling out of the woods as it whips on down the mountain peaks and then back up the mountain peaks. A gentle but steady snow falls and blankets the hilltown and transforms it into a… Continue reading Joe Kopler Keeps Childhood Imaginations Alive

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Welcome Back Winter!

It was a night like no other. Epic rain turned into epic winds which made such epic sounds that I sprang from my bed to see what was that matter. As I peered outside, the trees were swaying so fiercely it was as if there was a tornado coming through. Though this was no tornado,… Continue reading Welcome Back Winter!

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A Litchfield County Christmas

When you think of your ultimate Christmas destination, do you have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head along with little tiny elves running a muck? Maybe you have visions of a warm tropical paradise where Santa is kicking back topless and sun tanning at the beach. (Images!!!!!) Whatever you're dreaming of for Christmas,… Continue reading A Litchfield County Christmas

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Making Miracles in Downtown Torrington

What is a small business? It's the living testament of our communities. The people behind these businesses are our friends and neighbors who work hard each day to ensure a greater quality of life for the people of our towns. That's not all. There's a lot of behind the scenes activities that go on amongst… Continue reading Making Miracles in Downtown Torrington