Hey! I’m Mike Valletta and I’m a freelance storyteller, photographer, and marketer based in Connecticut. I’m constantly on the go, and always searching for the next big discovery on wherever life takes me, which happens to be many, many places. I think I lost count.

What you should know about me is that I am me. I’m just as individual as they come. Highly energetic, kind of quirky, and I’ve got this huge passion to connect people with places and things. After all, life’s too short to be sitting at home on the couch! Come along and follow me for the ride, though you might need a Red Bull.

What I LOVE about life:
• Skiing (I can snow dance all day!)
• Kayaking
• Hiking (Ah, the great….bugs.)
• Traveling
• Music (Karaoke anyone?)
• Vineyards (Let’s stomp on grapes.)
• Photography
• Food! (Hey, I’m Italian.)

What I dislike in life:
• Children of the Corn
• Dentists (Drills!!)
• Not having matching socks
• Paying for water ( I mean really?!?)

Life is a journey, lets explore, but first we should probably become friends.

Contact: TheMikeValletta@gmail.com

Where you may have seen me:
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