Meet Mike


I have a story to tell, but I will keep it short and to the point. The stories are in the work I do. I’m Mike Valletta, a freelance storyteller born and raised in Connecticut and represented by Creative Circle. While growing up, I started building my life blogging back in high school through sites such as AOL and Yahoo. As I grew, so too did my knowledge of blogging. I launched to WordPress around 2009 and built “In Touch…With the Litchfield Hills”, a blog I started from the ground up that captured all of my travels across my home of Litchfield County. As my audience began to grow through networking, so too did my site as I entered into an informal partnership with The Register Citizen newspaper in Torrington.

Through the partnership, In Touch really took off. More than I could ever imagine. With a direct link on the newspapers front page of thier website, I now had an audience count that was tripling in size averaging around 10K views per month. Not only that, but this site also received recognition for something that was innovative at the time and helped to win The Register Citizen awards through the Associated Press.

My love for writing is deep. I’ve never pursued a degree in writing, so forgive me if this site has grammatical errors at times, however, I have a true passion to spill my guts out through typing up columns while connecting people with cool places of interests. It’s what I do best, and it’s truly something I didn’t recognize until later on in life. After years of pursuing management style positions, I’m now chasing a dream to become a writer, and these are my stories.

Life is a journey, lets explore, but first we should probably become friends.


Where you may have seen me:
The Register Citizen is named APME Innovator of the Year 2011 -Associated Press

A Few Good Blogs. -H.A.Dunne

In Torrington, Connecticut a Brave Foray Into New Media Territory. -The New York Times

Register Citizen Showcases Work of Local Torrington Blogger -The Register Citizen


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  1. Kristen says:

    OMG – when did you change the name of your website?

  2. Kristen says:

    I see the launch date – June 1st. It’s cool, I like it.*:-)

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