With over ten years of experience in retail, my story starts with hard work. In reality, what retail position wouldn’t start with hard work.

After graduating from Crosby High School in Waterbury, CT back in 2004, I decided to leave my home state for sunnier days in the sunshine state of Florida. It was there where I began my retail career with Walmart in Boynton Beach as a truck unloader from 5AM-2PM. With no car, I walked the roughly 40 minutes from my house to the store and back home again every single day…after slinging boxes of freight!

Fun times.

Not even six months into my living in the sunny Palm Beaches of Florida, the weather took a turn for the worse. I ended up surviving not one but FOUR hurricanes! It was then I knew I wanted to go back home and survive snow storms instead, so I packed my bags and hopped on the next flight out, literally.

I continued my retail career working in our companies wireless department where I signed customers up for wireless services. It was there where learned the true value of customer service while assisting many customers with something that was new and innovative at the time. About a year in, I wanted to advance more, so I took on the role of managing the stores pharmacy at a time when $4 generics launched.

It was a busy time!

After a year of helping to manage customers pains, I decided I wanted to assist in managing the whole box, so I applied to become a store assistant manager and without hesitation, I got a job offer that week. I stayed an assistant manager for the company from 2008-2013 before I eventually went onto my next career journey.


I knew I’ve always had a passion for sales and marketing thanks in large part to what I am to deliver thanks to this website, so I wanted to sharpen my skills by hopping into a sales role. I decided to leave the big box in 2013 and hop back into wireless sales with a twist. In this role, I learned the ropes of networking, cold calling, upselling and all kinds of sales driven activities throughout the way. It was, without a doubt, the most humbling work I had done. As someone who loves to network, I absolutely loved talking to people from all walks of life and getting to know more about them and what we could do for them.

Four years in sales teaches you A LOT!

With little to no former schooling for sales and marketing nor business management, I am certainly well equipped to deliver in both industries thanks to my passion and drive for success. Not to mention I could sell the heck out of a pen.

I’m not kidding. I once sold an entire shelf of pens because I loved how much the felted pens felt in your hands and the stylus was so cool, that this administrator of a school I was talking to all about them decided to buy them up.

No day is ordinary. Every day is extraordinary. That’s my motto, and I’m sticking to it.

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