At Mike Valletta Multimedia, we specialize in generating meaningful content to generate a well worthy buzz around prodcuts, services, and travel destinations. It’s a passion!

Storytelling. Photography. Marketing. It’s the base of what we do.

The best part? Strategization! Anyone can whip up content to market your business, but is it planned accordingly? Do you know what’s going on behind the scenes before it’s delivered to an audience? Strategization and transparency play a huge role in getting customers to you. Reaching your target audience shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach.

Here is a client review:

James Revillini. The Green Room. Winchester, CT.

“Thanks so much for your write up and for visiting The Green Room! Looks like we’d better set up a “Press” page on the site to show off your article! I’ll set up a link to you from our web site as well.

I really appreciate works like this which aim to unite the community and promote conversation and awareness of what’s around. That’s our goal as a business as well. If we’re not giving as much as we’re getting, there’s something wrong.”

We provide all sorts of services to help with your business needs.

Blogging– Perhaps the most important part of promotion is the storytelling of what makes your business so great, and why customers should keep on coming back.

Photography– Storytelling creates a vision, pictures capture the essence.

Marketing – Through strategic planning on social media, your business will be known.

Speaking of social media, does your business have an effective plan in place? If not, we’d like to help you out with that too. Social media consulting is a forte.

For a consultation, please contact us. We are eager to help you reach your goals.