The Climb to Mount Washington

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..... No, really. Hiking to the summit of Mount Washington here in New Hampshire has always been a dream of mine. Located in the White Mountain National Forest, it is the highest peak in the northeast at an altitude of 6,228 feet. It is the… Continue reading The Climb to Mount Washington

Litchfield Hills

Litchfield County Spring Flooding

As we welcome spring here in Litchfield County, we also welcome what comes with spring; Water. Yes, this past week we have seen enough water for all of us to consider building an arc and fill it two by two of just about everything. With the heavy rains, as well as the rapid snow melt, many… Continue reading Litchfield County Spring Flooding

Litchfield Hills

Kent has it all

Kent,CT here in Litchfield county is one amazing small town.  Country, yet sophisticated at every turn. Today I traveled to Kent to take in the street fair which was pedaling with excitement. Everywhere you turned, you noticed happy people, along with the New Yorkers who love to visit the area. The street scape was buzzing… Continue reading Kent has it all