Mike Valletta


Prior to judging others, judge yourself first. It has been a interesting week in the single life of being Mike Valletta. It was the first week that I had not gone on one date. I guess after writing last weeks column and discussing how I needed to slow down and start focusing on my life more, I took my own advice quite literally. It’s not a bad thing. This week has allowed… Read More

Grindr. Scruff. Tinder. These three magical apps are perhaps the most active on my phone these days. I use the term magical loosely. As a single guy, looking for love requires more than just seeking a one time hook up at a local gay bar. Looking for love requires you to do your research. It has to be more than just a pretty face. Though that doesn’t hurt. Since becoming single, I’ve been… Read More

The way we pay for things is advancing. Over the next few years, there will be a heavy invesment in mobile technology. This investment will allow us to pay for virtually every little thing, at every little place, with our smartphones. The Jestsons would be so impressed. As it currently stands, I already pay for almost everthing with my iphone where available. Places such as Starbucks and Stop & Shop are well… Read More

When was the last time you thought of grocery shopping as fun experience? Ask that same question to just about anyone and you’ll get the same answer. It’s a chore to many. What if you could turn your shopping experience into one that’s rewarding and interactive? That’s exactly what Stop & Shop has done, and their making great progress in investing in reinventing the way we shop. The future is here today,… Read More