Mike Valletta


AT&T has been introducing a lot of hot products out at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. As a brand ambassador for the company, I’ve been paying close to attention. One of the hottest things they’re introducing is Digital Life. With Digital Life, you’re world is entirely connected even miles away from home. Soon, you’ll be able to control everything from the heating elements of your home, even in individual rooms, to… Read More

Texting while driving. How many of us do it? You know you’re one of many who has picked up the phone and replied to an incoming message or checked your social media news feeds. I admit, even I have done it numerous times. We’re all guilty. As a brand ambassador for AT&T, I have taken the pledge to not text and drive. It can wait. The dangers of texting and driving are… Read More

I woke up around 6AM this morning, and thank god I did. We got plenty of snow last night! A forecast of three inches was predicted for the area, but for Killington, three inches can easily mean a lot more! Today was the day I planned on trying on my Pantech Element on the slopes, but not before heading over to the VIP breakfast over at The Grand Hotel right over at… Read More

When you want to escape the elements at The Dew Tour, you may want to stop over and visit AT&T’s amazing dome, which looks almost like an igloo, set up right on the grounds of the outdoor village. Oh sure, it may be cold outside, but once you get inside, the heat is on! A comfortable temperature inside compared to the frigid temps outside here at Killington greets you as you explore… Read More

The Dew Tour. It’s what makes winter less depressing and it’s what gives us snow lovers an adrenaline rush! Packed with the top athletes from around the world, The Dew Tour here at Killington is already off the hook! I arrived to my hotel around 11AM. What a place! Quaintly named The Inn of the Six Mountains, the hotel has a grand view of Killington and is surrounded by plenty of company… Read More

This has got to be one of the best weeks of my life. Not only will I be making my way up to Vermont to check out Killington Resorts winter Dew Tour, I’ll also be covering it! You see, it all started when an email came to my inbox last week asking if I would like to be a brand ambassador for AT&T at the Dew Tour. AT&T has this cool new… Read More

There comes a time when we all need to upgrade the things around us, and I am certainly no exception. Since the iPad came out, I have been tempted to purchase one, and when I say tempted, I mean I have been literally foaming at the mouth to invest my hard-earned dollars in this device, even more so since September which was when my laptop crashed and I had to revert back to the… Read More