Mike Valletta


There’s no doubt that this has been a long winter for us in New England. The days were cold. The nights were even colder. The snow was, well, let’s not even talk about the snow. The fact of the matter here is, that sometime after forty inches, we grew anxious for spring to come, and quite frankly what was another couple of inches on the ground this past week in Connecticut to… Read More

I can’t say enough about the weather this week. As much of a skier as I am, this spring like weather has indeed hit a sweet spot with me. As if there were much of a winter around here anyways, right mother nature? I swear, she has really been some kind of mother this year, not much of one to me! I’ve been begging and begging for snow, dancing my legs off… Read More

Sometimes, so many of us get lost in the whirlwind of everything in life and forget the world around us. Sometimes, that world, is just better when it’s left untouched by human hands. As Henry David Thoreau once said: “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” It doesn’t get much better than a visit to Torrington’s Burr Pond State Park. A visit today shows a slight ice formation on top,… Read More

The birds start to sing in harmony as the sun arises over the hillsides. The fresh morning dew is a reminder of the cool country night. A deer wanders about as wild turkeys roam the fields right along side of them. It’s a Litchfield County morning, and with each natural element working in perfect harmony, the day is off to a good start. As a make my way from my bed to… Read More

It’s summertime and very simply put the living is easy. A gentle breeze blows through the trees ever so gently, that you just can’t feel it no matter how hard you try to because of this wonderful little thing called humidity that gets us all fired up, and when we’ve had enough of being fired up, we make a splash into any one of Litchfield County’s water sources. The lakes of Litchfield… Read More

Like the rest of Litchfield County, I have been practically relishing in the spring weather that we have had lately. My vacation started on Friday when the temps soared into the 70’s in many locations. I was amazed to say the least. My first day of vacation and I was in heaven with the whole spring fever thing. Then, Saturday came and out went those temps just as fast as they came… Read More

  Autumn is a wonderful time of year here in the Litchfield Hills. It’s the time of year that these hills really come alive. Displaying it’s vibrant colors and attracting visitors by the droves. We’re used to early fall’s here in the hills being how our climate is, however this year, we’re starting even earlier.  The photo to your left was taken on August 16th of 2010, already displaying it’s warm colors… Read More

Litchfield county, for me, is always a hard place to leave. Four nights a week, a work along the Connecticut shoreline which is a highly urbanized area of the state. Hustle and bustle is everywhere compared to the laid back atmosphere we have around these parts. Every morning, I look forward to the road home. It’s a long commute, but along the way theres a variety of things to see. As I… Read More