Christmas Day Skiing at Jiminy Peak.

  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. The lights. The music. The seasonal drinks. It's really a great start to a season that is otherwise known as one of the most depressing in the northeast. Luckily, many years ago I have found a way to beat the seasonal depression that affects so many of … Continue reading Christmas Day Skiing at Jiminy Peak.


Christmas in New York City.

What's better than being in the city during the holidays? I can't think of much. The twinkle of the lights. The store windows decked to the nines in holiday cheer. The magic of Rockefeller Center lighting up the city with the best Christmas tree in the world, while people discover the warmth of love while … Continue reading Christmas in New York City.

Take a Holiday Stroll through Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

What is it about small town U.S.A? They just get everything right. The charm of the people. The perfectly lined streets decked out ever so vividly for the holidays. Visions of yesteryear floating through your head instead sugarplums. What are sugarplums? The nearby town of Stockbridge, MA is perhaps center stage for all small towns. … Continue reading Take a Holiday Stroll through Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Yankee Candle makes Christmas come alive

Is there anything more warming to the soul then a store doing the holidays right? Many retailers go above and beyond when it comes to decorating for the holidays. They try diligently to capture the magic of the season by spreading holiday cheer to all in the form of seasonal decor and of course, the … Continue reading Yankee Candle makes Christmas come alive

Outside In: Decorating for Christmas from the Great Outdoors

So this year I've been pretty excited about the whole holiday decorating thing. I mean, honestly who isn't? Every year I, like many of you, unpack and search high and low for every single piece of decor I tucked away since the spring. I really hate that dreaded game. You think you know where everything … Continue reading Outside In: Decorating for Christmas from the Great Outdoors

A Litchfield County Christmas

When you think of your ultimate Christmas destination, do you have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head along with little tiny elves running a muck? Maybe you have visions of a warm tropical paradise where Santa is kicking back topless and sun tanning at the beach. (Images!!!!!) Whatever you're dreaming of for Christmas, … Continue reading A Litchfield County Christmas

Old Fashion Sleigh Riding

When we think of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, almost everything nostalgic comes to mind. With its rural, yet sophisticated landscape, you can't help but to find yourself basking in memories of days gone by. This past Sunday, January 16, 2011, many found themselves to be doing just that as the Winter Classic Sleigh Rally was held on … Continue reading Old Fashion Sleigh Riding

WTNH-TV Ends Contract of Geoff Fox

Waking up at 8PM Wednesday evening after having a healthy power nap, I learned the breaking, yet disturbing news, that Geoff Fox, meteorologist from WTNH-TV in New Haven, will not have his contract renewed which is set to expire at the end of February. My initial thoughts were that this was some type of communication … Continue reading WTNH-TV Ends Contract of Geoff Fox

Blizzapolis 2010

The winds howled. The snow was intense reducing visabilities across the countryside. Power was knocked out for many. Roads were impassable. These were the conditions across Litchfield county Sunday night as a major Nor'easter made its way up the coast giving the entire region a real winter wallop! As the winds peaked, so too did the snow drifts that were being … Continue reading Blizzapolis 2010

Merry Christmas Litchfield County!

The holidays are a joyous time of year, a time like no other. The holidays are often referred to as the most memorable and magical season of them of all, and for good reason. The magic sets in the moment our landscape is transformed into a quiet winter wonderland, one that we are lucky to … Continue reading Merry Christmas Litchfield County!