Mike Valletta


I have been living in my house for nearly five years. Five years doesn’t exactly seem all that big of a deal until one day you sit and stare at the amount of stuff you have accumulated and just cry “Ohhh my!”. I literally just found myself having one of those moments. Over the past five years I have accumulated enough stuff to fit in a Donald Trump penthouse. In those five… Read More

It’s about 7AM and the sun starts shining through my window to wake me up. As I awake, I quickly reach over to my iPhone to glance through Facebook and Twitter status updates that I missed from overnight. Around 7:30AM I’m checking into my morning shows via my GetGlue app which are then shared out to my social media sites so that my family and friends can see what shows I’m tuning… Read More

Changes are coming once again to your Facebook account. In just about a week, Facebook has given users notice that they will transition users personal pages to the new timeline format. Timeline is a hip new way to explore life on Facebook. Think of it as a diary of your entire life portrayed right in front of you in a virtual world, right up from the time you were born. Many users… Read More

They say we should embrace change. We should welcome it with open arms and cuddle it like a cute little teddy bear. Well, I’m not cuddling the new Facebook layout like some cute little teddy bear, and neither are many of you as we all woke up today to yet another change Facebook has created, this time with it’s newsfeed. For those of you out of the loop, Facebook has now customized… Read More

Like so many others, I have been paying close attention to the devastating events that have taken in place in Japan this past weekend. It’s heartbreaking to see so many lives lost, as well as families displaced and missing. One event after another. First, an earthquake. Next, a tsunami followed by explosions of nuclear facilities and volcanic eruptions. One has to wonder how much can one country take? The thought of something… Read More

Everywhere you look, there are signs that spring is on its way. From the birds chirping as the sunrises in the morning, to the late sunsets at night, it’s not hard to notice that the groundhog was indeed correct this year, even after we swore that we wouldn’t believe a word that little thing said as we lay trapped in our igloos. This winter has been harsh, there simply is no denying that…. Read More

When Karen’s Cafe had departed a month ago, many thought that was the end to a coffee-house on Main Street. Little did they know, however, that something was going on behind the scenes as a new owner,Sharry Revillini, was about to take over and make this cozy little hideaway her own as she was green with envy, in every part of the word. Welcome to the Green Room. The new Main Street coffee-house in Winsted…. Read More

There are some of us in the blogging world who believe blogging is simply dying thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. As someone who has been blogging away in the blogosphere for the past 10 years, I’ve seen a wide variety of changes occur, but most have been for the better rather than for the worse. Allow me to explain. 10 years ago, I was in my mid teens and… Read More

If you are in the mood for something new, something hot, and something ultra steamy, then you are not going to want to go to some old bingo hall. No. You are going to want to check out T-Place in Torrington on Friday March, 11th at 10PM as a brand new band in the region will be making its appearance in town. Their called Crash Monday and they are hot boys playing… Read More

On Thursday night at 9PM, The Facebook Obsession, hosted by Lester Holt, made its debut showing on CNBC and captivated audiences everywhere as it told a tale of what life is like in the Facebook generation. Facebook, as we are all aware, is the most popular social networking site in the world. The show took an in-depth look at the rise of Facebook, as well as its current state, starting back from its early days as… Read More