Mike Valletta


I am very proud to be a gay man. I am very proud of our community. After celebrating Boston pride yesterday and seeing the numerous faces from all walks of life celebrating with us, it is clear to me that regardless of what happened today, there is a great amount of love for our community and we thank you for your unconditional love and support. With that said, let us keep those… Read More

Every once in a while, we meet people so inspirational that they can change our lives in so many ways, often times without us even knowing. Recently, Ricky Campbell of The Register Citizen introduced us to one inspiring young man from Goshen who basically jumped on a plane and headed to Japan to help out with the relief efforts. What is perhaps most inspiring to me, is that this young man is… Read More

Everyday, I receive many e-mails and comments from readers who, not only thank me for what I do, but also share their memories with me. It’s a pretty great feeling. Living in Torrington, I have met so many wonderful people who, like me, are proud to call this place home. However, it was a comment from one reader in Florida who had previously lived in Torrington that sparked my interest, further reinforcing the fact that… Read More