Mike Valletta


Today’s #GoExplore Daily Moment of Zen comes from scenic Stowe, Vermont. Stowe is located just due east of Lake Champlain and bordering the Canadian border. The mountain boasts as Vermont’s highest elevation. This picture, taken at sunset, is one of the many benefits that residents and tourists alike enjoy. The mountains are calling, are you answering? Have an idea for a #GoExplore Daily Moment of Zen? Tweet to @TheMikeValletta with the hashtag… Read More

People often ask me, “Mike, why are you so darn happy all the time?”. I often come back with the response of “Why, should I be miserable or something?”. It’s a question that is posed to me everyday. Some wonder if it’s the gallons of coffee I drink a day. Sorry, it’s not the coffee, though I guess it helps. There’s no wonder drug I take either. There’s no such thing as… Read More

With so much to do this summer in Litchfield county, why not try something new and awe inspiring? The Litchfield Jazz camp has just that opportunity for you!! Starting this Sunday July 11th, the Litchfield Jazz camp kicks off and runs though August 6th.  It runs in four one week sessions! This is a sure bet for a new spin on your summer vacation. Located on the campus of Kent School in… Read More