Mike Valletta


“Stretch to downward facing dog!” snaps the instructor on my Gaiam Yoga DVD. “Bend farther down!” he continues to bark. “Now, bend even farther, and breathe.” he says so calmly when I’m in the toughest physical position in my life! There’s just something about Yoga. Most people recommend it. They say it’s most likely one of the most vital physical activities you could partake in. Well, that phrase was all my personal… Read More

When I moved to Torrington back in 2009, many thought that I had moved simply because I had a career change. This, however, was not the case at all. I moved to Torrington for a change of life, a change of scenery if you will. My career in the corporate world has not changed, and hasn’t moved closer to home either. I am okay with this, however, noting that I did not move… Read More