Food & Drink

Cellardoor Winery is a best kept secret in Maine

Maine. A state very far north in the eastern United States is best known for its blueberries and good potato crops, but did you know it's also home to some pretty good libations? Not only does it have some of the most popular IPA's this side of the Mississippi, but it also has some darn… Continue reading Cellardoor Winery is a best kept secret in Maine


Creating your travel bucket list

Part of my 2018 personal strategy when it comes to traveling is to ensure that I'm highlighting one place across the globe that I have not been to yet, and then book it. Over the past ten years of my life, I've been pretty stuck in the New England region and feel that it is… Continue reading Creating your travel bucket list


Skiing Lake Tahoe

The trip to the desert southwest was so worth it, in every sense of the word. It was a world I've never seen before and had a continued look of awe in my face almost the entire time. Even with how much beauty surrounded me from all angles, I was ready to move on to… Continue reading Skiing Lake Tahoe


Let adventure fill your soul

As someone who loves the life of constant traveling, I'm often asked what makes me tick. What is it that sets my soul on so much fire that I just need to get up and go take a trip. I think it's the notion of never being satisfied quite frankly. Each new place that I… Continue reading Let adventure fill your soul


Traveling to Vegas

Let's talk about Vegas. I've never been to the city of paradise before. As I flew over Lake Mead in Nevada looking down from my Delta flight, I began to notice a metropolis. I kept insisting to myself that that it couldn't be Vegas. I mean, for so many years, I had envisioned Las Vegas… Continue reading Traveling to Vegas


So long, 2017! The new year needs to bring human compassion to the table

As 2017 draws to a close, I reflect on the year in so many ways.  It truly was a banner year in terms of personal and professional growth. I don't think I could be any more satisfied with how the year has progressed, and how it is now closing out. The year of you. In… Continue reading So long, 2017! The new year needs to bring human compassion to the table


Eyes set to the west, a passion for skiing becomes reignited

As an avid skier on the east coast for my entire life, I have spent numerous days on the mountains of New England. My home mountain of Killington Resort has been my go to playground for the past ten years of my life with numerous weekly journeys to the winter wonderland that has always filled… Continue reading Eyes set to the west, a passion for skiing becomes reignited

Health & Wellness

Time to rethink modern dating

In these modern days of ours, it is harder than ever at getting a shot of love that just seems to fit like a glove on your hand. I mean, have you seen the amount of apps that are out there? One could get lost down a rabbit hole looking for love on a rainy day.… Continue reading Time to rethink modern dating


Take the jump and chase your dreams

 You can't be afraid to fail. So often we sit around and reflect upon what it is that we are doing with our lives and sometimes question a lot of our current strategies. We dream of days where we no longer work in cubicle farms but rather days living out our passions instead. There aren't… Continue reading Take the jump and chase your dreams


Decorate for fall for less

When it comes to putting your home together for the season, it's always best to shop around for some of the best deals. After all, most of what we are putting out on display really only stays on display for an average of  2-3 months. Get those deals! I took a shopping trip recently to my local… Continue reading Decorate for fall for less