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Beauty Despite the Rain

Despite the dreary weather conditions outside, there are a variety of scenes across Litchfield County that can brighten our day. Don't worry, the National Weather Service claims that the rain will depart by Thursday morning as we'll expect to see partly sunny skies and temperatures remaining in the 50's. We could see some snow showers… Continue reading Beauty Despite the Rain

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The Young Inspiration from Goshen

Every once in a while, we meet people so inspirational that they can change our lives in so many ways, often times without us even knowing. Recently, Ricky Campbell of The Register Citizen introduced us to one inspiring young man from Goshen who basically jumped on a plane and headed to Japan to help out… Continue reading The Young Inspiration from Goshen


Spring, Where Art Thou!

Can you believe it? The calendar says April first, but the conditions outside are more like March first! Mother nature continues to show off her bipolar ways to all of us here in Litchfield County. Today, we received an inch of snow here in Torrington and for the most part of the northern Litchfield Hills region. South… Continue reading Spring, Where Art Thou!

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Oh No, More Snow!

Like the rest of Litchfield County, I have been practically relishing in the spring weather that we have had lately. My vacation started on Friday when the temps soared into the 70's in many locations. I was amazed to say the least. My first day of vacation and I was in heaven with the whole… Continue reading Oh No, More Snow!

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Litchfield County Spring Flooding

As we welcome spring here in Litchfield County, we also welcome what comes with spring; Water. Yes, this past week we have seen enough water for all of us to consider building an arc and fill it two by two of just about everything. With the heavy rains, as well as the rapid snow melt, many… Continue reading Litchfield County Spring Flooding

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Ring in Spring Skiing with Mohawk Mountain

Everyone in Litchfield County is catching a little spring fever, including our local ski areas. This weekend, Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall will be welcoming spring by hosting March Madness on Saturday and everyone is invited to take part in the celebration. There will be something for everyone with music, food, contests, games, and prizes! Welcome… Continue reading Ring in Spring Skiing with Mohawk Mountain

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Maple Season in New England

As the snow-covered landscape transforms to one that is packed with mud and fun, something else is transforming as well; the trees. You see, not only do the trees in our region start to blossom, they are also starting to produce a liquid, that is if you are looking at the right trees. Sugar maples in… Continue reading Maple Season in New England

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Discovering Raggie Culture

I have been on a quest since last year, searching high and low for everything that I can get my hands on about Raggie culture here in northwestern Connecticut. What's a Raggie you ask? A Raggie is simply northwestern Connecticut slang for someone of a social downward spiral and backwoods isolation. That slang, however, is just that, slang.… Continue reading Discovering Raggie Culture

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Raise a Glass of Wine in Downtown Torrington

There will be something for everyone on Friday, March 4th from 6-9PM as the Connecticut Academy for the Arts presents a food and wine tasting silent auction event at the academy, located at 61 Main Street in Downtown Torrington. The event promises to draw a crowd of many folks from all across the region as… Continue reading Raise a Glass of Wine in Downtown Torrington


Out of the Dark

There comes a time when we all need to upgrade the things around us, and I am certainly no exception. Since the iPad came out, I have been tempted to purchase one, and when I say tempted, I mean I have been literally foaming at the mouth to invest my hard-earned dollars in this device, even more… Continue reading Out of the Dark