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Ah, Litchfield. It’s a charming little town that was once the old county seat of beautiful Litchfield County, Connecticut. It’s nostalgic in every way possible. With houses as grand as the people that live in it, Litchfield is a quintessential New England town that is full of surprises around every corner. Recently, a new surprise appeared in the village center as a once popular restaurant, Aspen Garden, closed up shop and left… Read More

Have you ever studied your purchasing habits? As someone who makes a conscious effort to look out for the environment, I often ensure that what I buy makes green sense as well, which is why I have tuned myself into New Morning Natural & Organic in nearby Woodbury. New Morning is a relatively small retail store that is currently undergoing expansion as it looks to move to it’s new home soon from… Read More

Last night, I was watching one of my trusted news sources, NBC Connecticut, and as I was watching I happened to notice that they were airing a story that took place here in Litchfield County. I was all ears. Anything to do with the local area I immediately want to know about, even if I already know about it! This story, however, I hadn’t known about and I was very excited that… Read More

On a winter day, there really is nothing like taking a spin around Litchfield County to take in the abundance of glorious scenery that our region offers.

Connecticut‘s Litchfield Hills enjoyed a day out on Saturday after a general five to eighteen inches fell across Litchfield county on Friday night. The highest amounts were in southern Litchfield county around the Brookfield and New Milford areas as a Norlun Trough impacted western Connecticut. Traffic on Interstate 84 came  to a complete stand still in the Danbury area as drivers were walking away from their cars and walking off of exit ramps. Further… Read More

  As I travel across the Litchfield Hills region and get to talking to some of the folks, I am often asked one very common question; why did I start this whole venture? There were, of course, a variety of factors which prompted me to begin this blog, but one thing in particular got me started; the need to tell others about our hidden gems. I work on the Connecticut shoreline and… Read More

If you are looking for a charming New England village, you do not have to travel far at all.  Our Litchfield Hills region is chock full of quaint New England villages that will remind you of an era that has gone by. One in particular welcomes you to the Litchfield Hills in open arms. The historic village of Riverton, located in the town of Barkhamsted, is just the place to begin your journey here… Read More

The Harvest Festival, which took place in downtown Torrington on October 22nd 2010, was without a doubt a huge success. A crisp autumn night here in Litchfield county warmed the hearts of many as they flocked to Main Street to join in the festivities. Many understood, however, that this festival was much more than just a festival, it was all part of bringing downtown Torrington back to life. After all, we can’t… Read More

As a writer, it is extremely important to be connected to my audience. If I can’t be connected, then I have not done my job well and have lost touch with my audience. Many of you are probably wondering why I have been absent from posting anything in almost a week, which for me is incredibly unusual. Unfortunate circumstances have occurred this past week in my life as a dear childhood friend sadly… Read More

Tonight, I had a unique opportunity to visit with other business leaders of the community here in northwestern Connecticut, and what a treat it was. Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce hosts this cool event called Business After Hours which is one of the chambers many unique events, and during Business After Hours, you get to meet some pretty incredible people! Members and guests of the chamber, meet up in a social networking… Read More