The Climb to Mount Washington

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..... No, really. Hiking to the summit of Mount Washington here in New Hampshire has always been a dream of mine. Located in the White Mountain National Forest, it is the highest peak in the northeast at an altitude of 6,228 feet. It is the… Continue reading The Climb to Mount Washington


Preparing to climb to the top of the northeast

Have you ever really just wanted to do something bold and out of the ordinary? That's a summary of my life everyday, though it gets particularly worse right around the cusp of my birthday. I absolutely live for the thrill of adventure and exploration. In fact, someone once told me I should sit still for… Continue reading Preparing to climb to the top of the northeast


Day Trip: Taconic State Park

Quick Note: With so many people looking for great getaways that don't involve costly gas purchases, the new Day Trip columns are a new series of columns designed to get you up and out this summer without putting a burden on your wallet. These columns will be focused on fun finds that are usually within… Continue reading Day Trip: Taconic State Park