Mike Valletta


What’s better than being in the city during the holidays? I can’t think of much. The twinkle of the lights. The store windows decked to the nines in holiday cheer. The magic of Rockefeller Center lighting up the city with the best Christmas tree in the world, while people discover the warmth of love while proposing right along side of it. New York City comes alive unlike any other place in the… Read More

I make a lot of trips down to New York City. Living within a close proximity to it here in Connecticut, we’re often referred to as one big suburb of the Big Apple. All it takes is a look around at how we drive to see just how true that is! When it comes to the road, we’re maniacs, and we get our behavior directly from the city that never sleeps. It’s… Read More

The weekends become busy. The sidewalks become a gala for window shopping. The roads are filled with free flowing spirits who set their sights to capture the best possible view for their photo albums. They are the Litchfield County weekenders, the folks who make the two hour drive up from the city to catch a little R&R in the bucolic Litchfield Hills. As local leaders look to promote our region, it is… Read More

If you spend a great deal of time on the road, coffeehouses are essential. They are the perfect places to raise your spirits and perk up your energy to keep on rolling through the streets. Everyone loves coffee. After all, it’s the American drink of choice for the morning, unlike our neighbors on the side of the pond who enjoy a spot of tea. There are many places along the way that… Read More

While many of you are enjoying, or suffering, from what mother nature is delivering to Litchfield County, I am enjoying some quality time in the farm country of Virginia. I made the over 6 hour trip down Tuesday and I, surprisingly, didn’t hit one ounce of traffic, not even in the always congested New York City! The trip was great as usual. Prior to leaving Torrington, I made sure that my 260,000… Read More

Litchfield County,CT may not be Vermont, but it is certainly our own little piece of Vermont right here in southern New England. With our bucolic hill town villages and  scenic beauty of gentle rolling hills amongst a charming countryside, Litchfield County is unlike any other place in the state of Connecticut. It simply has to be seen to believed, pictures can only do so much. They say life is rediscovered here in the… Read More

  They say cheese is a craft. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and of course scents. If you want to discover a great place to see these crafty creations, there is a wonderful little place in nearby Great Barrington,MA that will absolutely delight you. Rubiner’s Cheesemongers & Grocers is located right on Main Street in the towns hearty shopping district. Great Barrington is a tourist destination located right in the southern Berkshires. Rubiner’s… Read More

There was a time in this country where everything was once very simple. A time where families gathered around after dinner to play board games. A time when the old world, was starting to meet the new world. They were perhaps the greatest times in American history. A life that was not only easy, but less of a rush than the lives that we live today. In the modern world, it is hard… Read More

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is never a joy in anyones eyes. Let’s face it, we all need a break away at some point. Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills offer that tranquility and a quick escape, in fact we are only a two-hour drive from the city, which is convient for many who need a quick weekend breather. We have an array of unique New England Inn’s to offer, all with their own style and variety…. Read More

The brawl at The Warner Theatre in downtown Torrington this past Saturday night got plenty of people, well, in an uproar. Being in a small town, we take any type of matter like this very seriously. It is scenes like this, however, that reinforce the negative mindset of people here in Torrington that Torrington has too many problems and is worth moving away from. Present day Torrington does, like any town in… Read More