Mike Valletta


What is it about small town U.S.A? They just get everything right. The charm of the people. The perfectly lined streets decked out ever so vividly for the holidays. Visions of yesteryear floating through your head instead sugarplums. What are sugarplums? The nearby town of Stockbridge, MA is perhaps center stage for all small towns. Nestled in the Berkshires, it is surrounded by foothills and with very little cell phone coverage. The… Read More

When you think of your ultimate Christmas destination, do you have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head along with little tiny elves running a muck? Maybe you have visions of a warm tropical paradise where Santa is kicking back topless and sun tanning at the beach. (Images!!!!!) Whatever you’re dreaming of for Christmas, there’s a place in northwestern Connecticut to suit your needs, minus the tanning Santa luckily. Take Torrington,… Read More

When we think of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, almost everything nostalgic comes to mind. With its rural, yet sophisticated landscape, you can’t help but to find yourself basking in memories of days gone by. This past Sunday, January 16, 2011, many found themselves to be doing just that as the Winter Classic Sleigh Rally was held on the grounds of Orleton Farm in Stockbridge. Stockbridge, best known for their famous artist Norman Rockwell, was indeed… Read More

As a skier, I simply cannot help the fact that I am in love with the winter season. While most people sit at home with the winter blues, I am out enjoying all that the season has to offer on the slopes of the local resorts. Winter is truly an amazing season when you look at it from a skiers perspective, which is no wonder why that this mornings snowfall here in the Litchfield… Read More

There was a time in this country where everything was once very simple. A time where families gathered around after dinner to play board games. A time when the old world, was starting to meet the new world. They were perhaps the greatest times in American history. A life that was not only easy, but less of a rush than the lives that we live today. In the modern world, it is hard… Read More

Each and everyday, I network with hundreds of diffrent people. Day in and day out each one has thier own story to tell. One in perticular really struck a cord with me. Meet Joe Kopler, a local Litchfield Hills artist who’s painting his way to success. A man on a mission. A man like no other. It’s not everyday we run into people who are so compelled to tell their story, and… Read More