Hiking Cathedral Rock

Hiking the Las Vegas region has been a whirlwind of excitement for me. As an east coaster, this is unchartered territory that I have only ever really dreamed about. It's not what I dreamt about! No. In fact, this was a whole new world that I was absolutely delighted with. Growing up, I envisioned the… Continue reading Hiking Cathedral Rock


Hiking Las Vegas

The trip to Vegas was so much fun, but do you know what was even more fun? Being able to venture outside of the strip. You know, totally getting away from the hustle and bustle of a rushed environment and really being able to explore the desert southwest. It had been years since I've been… Continue reading Hiking Las Vegas


Explore the Great Outdoors, Indoors!

It's cold. Period. There's no question in my mind that the place to be is indoors, but am I really the type of person to just stay in my home all day hibernating my life away from the elements? Not at all! Today, I took a ride out to Cabella's in nearby East Hartford. Cabella's,… Continue reading Explore the Great Outdoors, Indoors!


Road Trip: Biking the Berkshires

Summer brings with it many possibilities. For starters, you're not trapped inside of your house staring at four walls begging to run outside and scream out for attention. During the summer, you can be a free spirit as you go where you want and do as you please without the worry of getting trapped in… Continue reading Road Trip: Biking the Berkshires


Day Trip: Sleeping Giant State Park

Being born and raised in Connecticut, I have been just about all over the state as I grew up to explore the abundance of stuff to see and do in such a small state, which actually harbors more than the eye can see. This past Saturday, I decided to take a little day trip downstate… Continue reading Day Trip: Sleeping Giant State Park


A Blossoming Spring

Wherever you go here in Connecticut's Litchfield Hills, signs of spring are everywhere to be seen as lush vegetation transforms the landscape from the once bare trees of the winter. It is as if the world is becoming new again as everything from flora to fauna lights up the landscape as a brilliant melody of… Continue reading A Blossoming Spring

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A Lifetime of Adventures

When I first moved to the Litchfield Hills back in 2009, I knew I would be doing a great deal of exploring in my new found turf so to speak. In the Litchfield Hills, we all know that the word exploring is an understatement. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of places right here… Continue reading A Lifetime of Adventures