Mike Valletta


“Get the turkey! Shoot, I forgot the mashed potatoes. I’ve got wine! What? No vodka?! Shoot!” Ah, the holidays. We’re all scrambling to get everything just so, scratching off our shopping list item by item only to come home and realize, yes, there’s still more we need. There’s always more that we need! This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and I too am scrambling. The house is finally in… Read More

On a winter day, there really is nothing like taking a spin around Litchfield County to take in the abundance of glorious scenery that our region offers.

On Wednesday September 22nd, 2010, The Register Citizen, a newspaper that serves northwestern Connecticut and is operated under the name of The Foothills Media Group, featured something that was indeed a move to deserve a little recognition. The “RC” featured a live chat on their popular Sound Off section of their website, http://www.registercitizen.com.  Sound Off, as most know, is a section of their website where readers speak their minds on daily stories and happenings…. Read More

You might recognize me. You might see me around town. I might just be one of your neighbors. Hi, my names Mike Valletta, you can call me Mike, and I’m the proud blogger of  “In touch…with the Litchfield Hills.” I wanted to write this particular entry because I didn’t want people to think I’m some type of person in disguise. I like to get to know my readers. I’m pretty new in town,… Read More