Mike Valletta


The past few months I have been traveling a lot, mainly out to the other New England states. I’ve been cheating on Connecticut as my first love has always been Vermont. I’m a Vermonter at heart, what could I say! I live for simple days, and an era that has gone by. I live for those enjoyable days spent in the great outdoors as well as exploring new sights. It’s been a… Read More

At last, we have made our way past Columbus Day here in Litchfield County and by all accounts, we know exactly what that means; the foliage is ready to peak. What seemed to have started out as a dull season thanks to the wet weather we have enjoyed this summer, has actually turned out to an ambient festival of colors, especially in northern Litchfield County in towns like Norfolk, Torrington, and Salisbury… Read More

This past Saturday, while thinking of where to enjoy the fireworks this weekend, I decided on making the trek up to Salisbury to enjoy the fireworks spectacular that took place at Lime Rock Park. I’ve only been to Lime Rock a handful of times, but never at night, and I must say its a rather amazing place in general. Tucked in the southern Berkshire Mountains lies this track that zig zags it’s… Read More

I have been on a quest since last year, searching high and low for everything that I can get my hands on about Raggie culture here in northwestern Connecticut. What’s a Raggie you ask? A Raggie is simply northwestern Connecticut slang for someone of a social downward spiral and backwoods isolation. That slang, however, is just that, slang. To understand Raggie culture, you have to go direct to the source, and I don’t mean a typical… Read More

Salisbury has been the center of attention over recent weeks as they prepared for their annual Jumpfest weekend, which took place this past weekend on Satre Hill in Salisbury. The event marked 85 years of ski jumping in Salisbury and kicked things off with a brand new ski jump, which replaced the antique one that had been using. Below is a collection of some great videos from YouTube on all the action at the… Read More

It has been a winter to remember here in Litchfield County, and it is not over yet. We still have many more weeks of winter upon us. As one storm closes, another one looms right around the corner. It is like we have a weekly subscription to snow, that we simply cannot refund. Mother nature again gave us a beating here in the hills as she dumped nearly several inches of snow… Read More