Mike Valletta



While so many of us have lost touch with the true magic of the holiday season, others continue to embrace it. The youth of our world today are certainly the ones that have become captivated by its essence, and that spirit can be seen so vividly at Torrington‘s Christmas Village. Christmas Village is a magical place, filled with wonder and excitement as families from all walks of life take time to visit… Read More


While shopping at the mall is always a holiday season tradition, shopping local is one as well and is often viewed as under the radar by many. There are so many great places right here in our own backyards, that many people tend to overlook these hidden gems and head for the mega malls of today. In Litchfield county, there aren’t any mega malls, rather smaller shopping centers, specifically in the Torrington area. We are… Read More


Growing up, December was always one of my favorite months out of the year. There was always an over abundance of joy in the air as we decked the halls top to bottom in our home for the holidays. I can’t recall a single square inch of that place that wasn’t decorated. With oversized Christmas trees in one corner of the house that lit up the room so brightly at night, it… Read More