Decorate for fall for less

When it comes to putting your home together for the season, it's always best to shop around for some of the best deals. After all, most of what we are putting out on display really only stays on display for an average of  2-3 months. Get those deals! I took a shopping trip recently to my local… Continue reading Decorate for fall for less


No season is complete without a visit to Kringle Candle

Nothing says Autumn in New England quite like a good candle. When you're working to bring the scents of the season indoors, it's a pretty good bet that a candle is going to help you do just that. One of my favorite destinations to go on a candle shopping spree is Kringle Candle, located just… Continue reading No season is complete without a visit to Kringle Candle


Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience One App at a Time

When was the last time you thought of grocery shopping as fun experience? Ask that same question to just about anyone and you'll get the same answer. It's a chore to many. What if you could turn your shopping experience into one that's rewarding and interactive? That's exactly what Stop & Shop has done, and… Continue reading Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience One App at a Time


What to do When the Gloom Just Won’t Leave

In case you haven't noticed, or have been living under a rock, it's been very gloomy here in the northeast this past week. I haven't found even a hint of sunshine. I'm now beginning to wonder if I should get the supplies ready to build an ark. If this is what Seattle is like, I… Continue reading What to do When the Gloom Just Won’t Leave


Express NEXT: Possibly the Hottest Rewards Program Launched

Every so often, we come across a rewards program that is so innovative and cool that we just have to share it with our friends. One of my favorite stores to shop, Express, has come out with a rewards program that does just that. It's called Express NEXT. While the NEXT program isn't new to… Continue reading Express NEXT: Possibly the Hottest Rewards Program Launched

Litchfield Hills

Adding a Touch of Green in Winsted

When Karen's Cafe had departed a month ago, many thought that was the end to a coffee-house on Main Street. Little did they know, however, that something was going on behind the scenes as a new owner,Sharry Revillini, was about to take over and make this cozy little hideaway her own as she was green with envy,… Continue reading Adding a Touch of Green in Winsted


Candy Bouquet opens Saturday

  If you are looking for something sweet in Torrington, you won't have to look far come Saturday. Candy Bouquet on 274 East Main Street will be your one stop shop for everything sweetness and officially opens its doors to the Litchfield Hills community on Saturday. This isn't your ordinary candy shop, however.  It is… Continue reading Candy Bouquet opens Saturday


Natural gifts done the local way

The autumn season has just about ended here in Litchfield county and we all know what that means, the holidays are right around the corner. It's a special time of year, a time to spend with family and friends as we exchange gifts with one another as a way of saying thank-you for all they… Continue reading Natural gifts done the local way


Sweet deal from Candy Bouquet

  I can't even begin to tell you how attracted I am to something sweet. Sugar is by far an incredible weakness for me. With its eye appealing packaging and its lucious taste, it's no wonder why we are so attracted to this stuff! Tara Lindberg-Stevens of Candy Bouquet here in Torrington is marketing for that… Continue reading Sweet deal from Candy Bouquet


Where is the coffee?

     All of us love coffee. I know I do. My day absolutely cannot start without it. In fact, I'm such a caffeine "junkie" that it will take me a good 4-5 cups throughout the day to have that whole "get up and go" feeling. Coffee is my life, there's no doubt about that.… Continue reading Where is the coffee?