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Happy National Coffee day!

Okay, but isn't everyday coffee day? I mean, who amongst us can survive without some sort of caffeine. Spoiler alert here, I'm not one of those people! I absolutely love coffee. Period. I mean, if you were to run into me on a day without it, you would think you ran into my evil twin brother… Continue reading Happy National Coffee day!


You Can’t Cage Up a Social Butterfly

As a bachelor, I don't spend a lot of time at home. I'm on the go nearly every waking minute. In fact, you can pretty much consider my home nothing more than a mere rest stop, though even that may be giving it too much credit! So, what does a single guy like me do… Continue reading You Can’t Cage Up a Social Butterfly


Who has the Best Coffee on the Cheap?

As Americans, we're all on a budget. The dollar just doesn't go as far as it used to. It includes everything, even our morning cup of joe which can cost anywhere from two to five dollars on the average. So, how can you make the pinch feel less harsh? Make a stop at your local… Continue reading Who has the Best Coffee on the Cheap?


Light Up Your Fourth of July in Litchfield County

Independence. It's this fascinating thing that we all take for granted each day, but it certainly was a long road to get there through blood, sweat, and tears. Even today, we are all fighting for our rights as others want to take down what we are made of in this country. This Independence day, we… Continue reading Light Up Your Fourth of July in Litchfield County


Rolling Local with Coffee

If you spend a great deal of time on the road, coffeehouses are essential. They are the perfect places to raise your spirits and perk up your energy to keep on rolling through the streets. Everyone loves coffee. After all, it's the American drink of choice for the morning, unlike our neighbors on the side… Continue reading Rolling Local with Coffee


Life Lessons are Learned on Vacation

Most people this time of year go on exotic vacations across the globe to escape the winter blues that most of us have built up from a winter of agony. As for me, I travel to places with a purpose intended. I'm not one to spend lavishly on vacations, especially if they just involve myself.… Continue reading Life Lessons are Learned on Vacation