Mike Valletta


“Get the turkey! Shoot, I forgot the mashed potatoes. I’ve got wine! What? No vodka?! Shoot!” Ah, the holidays. We’re all scrambling to get everything just so, scratching off our shopping list item by item only to come home and realize, yes, there’s still more we need. There’s always more that we need! This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and I too am scrambling. The house is finally in… Read More

In retail, Thanksgiving is altered each year. It’s not a bad thing. Our family just celebrates it’s on a different day than everyone else does. Thanksgiving isn’t about what day it’s on, it’s about giving thanks and spending time with family. I have many fond memories of a childhood spent on Mountain Road in Torrington at my families home where the Thanksgiving meal was plentiful, and so too were the deserts. Delicious… Read More

The last weekend in November has certainly been one to remember. So many Litchfield county towns kicked off the holiday season by lighting up their communities and celebrating with residents and tourists alike. One event in particular was one that has been ongoing for the past six years and has been done without any town monies and is done mainly by a small group of volunteers who put their heart and soul… Read More

As we gather together for the Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to take the time to wish you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a marvelous time, a time that we get to catch up with family and friends as we pause for a moment to remember those that are important in our lives. Each year, I take the time to pause and thank those that I have come… Read More

I am a firm believer in just about anything local. Those mom and pop stores of ours are really doing all that they could to help bring back our local economies and turn around our Main Streets. One local company is doing just that, and they are hoping that you will buy your Thanksgiving dinner from them. The Meat House, located in Avon and Newtown, is ready to serve up a delicious… Read More