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We all know by now that I really love vineyards. My Italian roots run deep, and as an Italian, I believe a good glass of wine is good for the soul. Don’t take my word for it, however, read some of the studies on red wine and how it may help with the longevity of our lives. Paired with chocolate, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be living a pretty nice life as we… Read More

The past few months I have been traveling a lot, mainly out to the other New England states. I’ve been cheating on Connecticut as my first love has always been Vermont. I’m a Vermonter at heart, what could I say! I live for simple days, and an era that has gone by. I live for those enjoyable days spent in the great outdoors as well as exploring new sights. It’s been a… Read More

Editors Note: It’s been a while! Due to exciting last minute summer days, and Tropical storm Irene impacting the region, it has been a rather busy couple of weeks. Now, onto the show! It wasn’t long ago that we were practically shoveling snow of our roofs. It also wasn’t long ago that we were thinking of relaxing summer days at the lake. Where oh WHERE did the time go? It’s after labor… Read More

Marveling at the calendar one day by kitchen stove, I could hardly believe it. There it was, highlighted in big bold letters around July 7th. The words “Happy One Year!” popped right out at me as I can hear those words screaming ever so loudly. How could this be? How could it be one year ago already that I started this site? Time just sort of creeps up on you I suppose,… Read More

The weekends become busy. The sidewalks become a gala for window shopping. The roads are filled with free flowing spirits who set their sights to capture the best possible view for their photo albums. They are the Litchfield County weekenders, the folks who make the two hour drive up from the city to catch a little R&R in the bucolic Litchfield Hills. As local leaders look to promote our region, it is… Read More

Yankee magazine, which is the voice of New England, recently rated Kent,CT here in Litchfield county as the number one town in all of New England for autumn foliage. Today, I decided to venture out to find out just what made Kent such a special place. I’ve been to Kent hundreds of times and have always fallen in love with its small town charm and rustic New England ways. Todays trip was… Read More

Autumn is a great time of year here in Connecticut‘s Litchfield Hills. No place else in Connecticut can you experience the magic of the season as hillsides come alive! Our region is a tourist destination discovered by many this time of year. Leaf peepers continue to come out and catch up on some terrific photography opportunities. One town here in Litchfield County, Kent, was named the number one town in all of… Read More

As the lazy days of summer fade away, we reflect on all the memories that were created. So many of us longed for the summer to come about so we can break out of our shells and escape the ordinary. Wether we spent those lazy days by the ocean waves on the beach, or on lakeside retreats here in the hills, we will never forget the times we spent with family and… Read More

Here at In touch…with the Litchfield Hills, we strive to become a bigger part of the community. We strive to promote the Litchfield Hills region to the world. We strive to tell the story of life in the Litchfield Hills in a diffrent way. Today, is the dawn of a new day. Today, we announce our informal partnership with the local county paper, The Register Citizen. The Register Citzen is the complete… Read More

  Autumn is a wonderful time of year here in the Litchfield Hills. It’s the time of year that these hills really come alive. Displaying it’s vibrant colors and attracting visitors by the droves. We’re used to early fall’s here in the hills being how our climate is, however this year, we’re starting even earlier.  The photo to your left was taken on August 16th of 2010, already displaying it’s warm colors… Read More