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Biscuits are rising well in a town that is rising even faster.

Brunch is certainly a culture these days, and if you're like most you're starting off your lazy Sundays with biscuits and gravy with bacon over mouth watering mimosas with family and friends. Doesn't that make you want it to be Sunday already? I for one am proud to be part of such an exciting culture.… Continue reading Biscuits are rising well in a town that is rising even faster.

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Cellardoor Winery is a best kept secret in Maine

Maine. A state very far north in the eastern United States is best known for its blueberries and good potato crops, but did you know it's also home to some pretty good libations? Not only does it have some of the most popular IPA's this side of the Mississippi, but it also has some darn… Continue reading Cellardoor Winery is a best kept secret in Maine


Creating your travel bucket list

Part of my 2018 personal strategy when it comes to traveling is to ensure that I'm highlighting one place across the globe that I have not been to yet, and then book it. Over the past ten years of my life, I've been pretty stuck in the New England region and feel that it is… Continue reading Creating your travel bucket list


Skiing Lake Tahoe

The trip to the desert southwest was so worth it, in every sense of the word. It was a world I've never seen before and had a continued look of awe in my face almost the entire time. Even with how much beauty surrounded me from all angles, I was ready to move on to… Continue reading Skiing Lake Tahoe


Let adventure fill your soul

As someone who loves the life of constant traveling, I'm often asked what makes me tick. What is it that sets my soul on so much fire that I just need to get up and go take a trip. I think it's the notion of never being satisfied quite frankly. Each new place that I… Continue reading Let adventure fill your soul


Traveling through Death Valley National Park

One of the coolest parts about my trip out west was the epic road trip adventure that we were soon to embark on as we mapped our way to our final destination of Lake Tahoe. There was still one more spot to see, however. Death Valley National Park was on our radar, and noting that… Continue reading Traveling through Death Valley National Park


Hiking Cathedral Rock

Hiking the Las Vegas region has been a whirlwind of excitement for me. As an east coaster, this is unchartered territory that I have only ever really dreamed about. It's not what I dreamt about! No. In fact, this was a whole new world that I was absolutely delighted with. Growing up, I envisioned the… Continue reading Hiking Cathedral Rock


How to travel stress free

I'm often asked how I cope with the amount of traveling that I do. You're probably wondering why I'm using the word cope, aren't you? Well, travel is exhausting. There's no two ways about it. The moment you're checked in somewhere, unpack your bags and get settled in, you now have to pack it all up… Continue reading How to travel stress free


Hiking Las Vegas

The trip to Vegas was so much fun, but do you know what was even more fun? Being able to venture outside of the strip. You know, totally getting away from the hustle and bustle of a rushed environment and really being able to explore the desert southwest. It had been years since I've been… Continue reading Hiking Las Vegas


Traveling to Vegas

Let's talk about Vegas. I've never been to the city of paradise before. As I flew over Lake Mead in Nevada looking down from my Delta flight, I began to notice a metropolis. I kept insisting to myself that that it couldn't be Vegas. I mean, for so many years, I had envisioned Las Vegas… Continue reading Traveling to Vegas