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An English garden in an American countryside

One of the many things that I love the most about traveling is the ability to get in touch with the natural world. On the road, there are a variety of ways to do just that. Most recently, I explored a secret garden in the famed and fortuned Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. Nothing says nature… Continue reading An English garden in an American countryside

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A Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

In retail, Thanksgiving is altered each year. It's not a bad thing. Our family just celebrates it's on a different day than everyone else does. Thanksgiving isn't about what day it's on, it's about giving thanks and spending time with family. I have many fond memories of a childhood spent on Mountain Road in Torrington… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

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Fall Foliage Update from the Litchfield Hills

This season is a far different one here in Connecticut's Litchfield Hills thanks to our friend Irene who passed through in late August. Usually for us, we still have many leaves on the trees come early October. This year, not so much. At least 20-30 percent of our trees have already lost their leaves, and… Continue reading Fall Foliage Update from the Litchfield Hills

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How to Spend a Summer Day in Litchfield County

The birds start to sing in harmony as the sun arises over the hillsides. The fresh morning dew is a reminder of the cool country night. A deer wanders about as wild turkeys roam the fields right along side of them. It's a Litchfield County morning, and with each natural element working in perfect harmony,… Continue reading How to Spend a Summer Day in Litchfield County

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The Perfect Mothers Day

While most mothers were treated to a delectable breakfast in bed and pampered to the fullest, our mothers day was nothing near the sort, rather just another day galloping across some of our favorite places here in Litchfield County. The idea for this mothers day was a bit last minute as the original plan was… Continue reading The Perfect Mothers Day

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A Lifetime of Adventures

When I first moved to the Litchfield Hills back in 2009, I knew I would be doing a great deal of exploring in my new found turf so to speak. In the Litchfield Hills, we all know that the word exploring is an understatement. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of places right here… Continue reading A Lifetime of Adventures


Tranquility at the lake

The hills surrounding the lake are abundant and if you look closely it almost looks as though their sliding right into the water...