Let adventure fill your soul

As someone who loves the life of constant traveling, I'm often asked what makes me tick. What is it that sets my soul on so much fire that I just need to get up and go take a trip. I think it's the notion of never being satisfied quite frankly. Each new place that I… Continue reading Let adventure fill your soul


Hiking Las Vegas

The trip to Vegas was so much fun, but do you know what was even more fun? Being able to venture outside of the strip. You know, totally getting away from the hustle and bustle of a rushed environment and really being able to explore the desert southwest. It had been years since I've been… Continue reading Hiking Las Vegas


2016 Year in Review.

How was your 2016? The year itself has been a struggle for many. Apparently we had an election? Actually, I can confirm we did just by scrolling through my social media feeds. Bring back Facebook! It looks like CNN ate it. Despite the election, the year 2016 for me was one with many successes. Kicking… Continue reading 2016 Year in Review.

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#GoExplore Daily Moment of Zen for 2/22/13

Today's #GoExplore Daily Moment of Zen comes from Looking Glass Falls, located in western North Carolina. Water is our planets most natural resource, and is in great supply. Places such as this, offer refuge to those looking for peace and a calm mediation, or even a late summer swim. Either way, a day at the… Continue reading #GoExplore Daily Moment of Zen for 2/22/13


It’s Time to #GoExplore: Exploring New Faces and Places While Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Are you bored with life? You know, are you constantly doing the same things over and over day in and day out and just get to feeling all blah inside? Chances are it's really getting to you. Who wouldn't get bored? We wake up, go to work, eat diner, go to sleep, then wake up… Continue reading It’s Time to #GoExplore: Exploring New Faces and Places While Harnessing the Power of Social Media


Life Without Television is Growing in Popularity

As people across the country look to save a buck in this economy, many people are looking to cut unnecessary costs out of their household budgets. Something that has always gone overlooked has been the television. Have you really ever thought about it? We spend upwards of $100 a month on television service. We don't… Continue reading Life Without Television is Growing in Popularity